Jens Andersson
Jens Andersson
Developer, Designer, Foodie

I'm a fullstack tech genius and React native expert with a love for mobile apps. I've published and helped publish several apps for both iOS and Android

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Todine - the to-do list for foodies

Currently working on a project that combines two of my biggest interests, apps and food.

I read and get recommendations of restaurants all the time, but I never really write them down. Sure I have some in notes, on paper, in email threads or in Google maps but I needed a solution for this. So I created Todine. Collect all the restaurants you've been to and want to visit in one place.

Check it out!

Need an app MVP?

I've seen way to many startups spend crazy amounts of money and time on building their first version of an app to then see it either fail or pivot in another direction. I can build you a MVP in jiffy for a fraction of that cost for you to try it out on your target group. I can have a native app installed on your phone from day 1 and depending on your requirements it can be complete within a week of a couple of months.

Contact me below and I'll sort you guys out 



Been coding since I was 8, back then it was mostly VB Script and Basic today it's whatever is cool for the moment. I got into mobile apps early on and today I'm a massive fan of React Native, building native apps with JS. Working as CTO at ETV/The Yacht Week has massively improved my management skills, but I never would stop coding and building things.



The Yacht Week
Aug 2014 to present

iOS Developer
2013 to 2014

Web/Mobile Contractor
2008 to Present

Mobile Lead
Nov 2012 to Aug 2014

May 2012 to Aug 2012



Computer Science and Entrepreneurship
UC Berkeley
2010 to 2011

M.S. Computer Science
Lund University
2007 to 2012



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